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Caterers in Sheffield

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We’re here to make it easy to find caterers in Sheffield. Companies Catering is a new website that lets visitors search for catering companies across the UK, including, of course, caterers in Sheffield. Indeed, Sheffield is an increasingly popular city in which our visitors search for caterers. Caterers in Sheffield are professional, modern and well equipped; you can be sure that they will deliver the best possible food for your catered event. Caterers in Sheffield are also fortunate enough to reflect the diversity of the city, ensuring that you are likely to be able to find cuisine from across the globe, if you have a particular food type in mind.

How can I find caterers in Sheffield?

Finding caterers in Sheffield is easy with Companies Catering. We were established to make it easy to search for caterers across the UK, as we found the whole process to be a confusing pain. We aim to list as many caterers in the UK as possible, and caterers in Sheffield are some of our most popular and most commonly searched for businesses. If you are one of the growing number of caterers in Sheffield, you can add your business to our website easily – simply go here to sign up for free. And if you think there is anything we can add to the website, then it is simple to get in touch with the team behind companies catering here.

All you need to do to begin your search for caterers in Sheffield is enter the location that you’re searching in into the search bar above. To help you out, the form will autocomplete as you begin to type (please note that we have pre-filled the location in already, since we assume you are here looking for caterers in Sheffield). Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll see a list of all the caterers that we know of in that area. Each caterer will have a name, a short description, a short quote and a single picture; once you see a caterer that you like the look of, you can click or tap on that business, and you’ll be taken to the unique profile of that caterer. From here, you will be able to see a long description of that business, customer reviews, a sample menu and a much larger portfolio of images. Try it now to see more detail about a few of the caterers in Sheffield.

Once you’re on a caterer’s unique profile, getting in touch with one of the caterers in Sheffield is easy. Each profile will contain a telephone number as well as the address of that business. Moreover, you can quickly message that caterer online using the form provided on the page. All you need to do is enter your message, which might contain some information about the event that you’re thinking of having for example, or just a general query, and once you hit send your message will be sent without even needing to open your email program. The caterer will then reply to the email address that you provided in the form.

However, if you’d like to make your life even easier, and fancy exploring one of our newest features, then why not try our handy get a quote feature as part of your search for caterers in Sheffield. This lets you choose a location in the UK, and then provide a small amount of detail about the event you are planning, as well as some contact details. This information will then be sent to up to three caterers in the area you are thinking of hosting your event. Each caterer will be given the chance to send you a quote, which enables you to get a rough idea of price before you’ve even begun. Moreover, you may like the sound of one or more of the caterers that have replied to you, and if you’re happy with the price and service then you might just choose to employ them for the catering. However you use this new service, we hope that it helps you find caterers in Sheffield and beyond.


Sheffield is a large city (indeed, it is one of the eight largest in the UK), with a long history. In Medieval times, what is currently Sheffield was a small market town, however the city underwent explosive growth during the Industrial Revolution, largely due to its prowess in steel production. Many new techniques of metal production were developed in the city itself, with the result that the city became a powerhouse of UK exports. Sheffield did have a reputation for squalor and unsanitary conditions, however this was somewhat ameliorated by the development of clean water supplies.

As with many former industrial cities, Sheffield underwent a period of depression during the postwar period as overseas competitors began to claim a share of the UK’s global manufacturing market thanks to their lower costs and increased national investment. However, and again in line with other UK cities, Sheffield has been able to regenerate and recover its dynamism. The fabric of the city is being constantly renewed, and the city is now regarded as one of the best places to open a new business. Not all of this has been entirely successful – much of the former slum housing was demolished in the 1960’s and replaced with concrete tower blocks, which had an arguably negative impact on the architectural and social fabric of the city. However, outside London, Sheffield can now boast that is has the highest proportion of top earners as a percentage of the population of the district of Hallam. Moreover, the city is one of the fastest growing in terms of demand for office space, with the result being that much dilapidated housing is being redeveloped, and many brand new developments are being constructed across the city. The economy of Sheffield is certainly growing at a faster rate than the Yorkshire and Humber region that Sheffield lies in.

Overall then, we believe that the dynamism and growth of Sheffield is reflected by the caterers in Sheffield. Begin your search for caterers in Sheffield by reviewing the profiles of the businesses listed above. We are certain that the many caterers in Sheffield contained on this website will provide you with a superb catered event.