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Caterers in Newcastle

Caterers in Newcastle with companies catering

Companies Catering is a brand new website that helps you find caterers in Newcastle. Indeed, Newcastle (officially known as Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) is a growing market in which more and more of our visitors are searching for catering companies. Caterers in Newcastle are modern and professional, and sure to make an impact on your big day, whether you’re looking for wedding catering, corporate catering, birthday catering or something else entirely. Let us take the hassle out of searching for caterers in Newcastle with our directory of UK caterers!

How does Companies Catering work?

Companies catering was set up to make it easier to find catering companies in the UK, including, of course, caterers in Newcastle. We found that finding good quality catering companies online had become something of a chore, so we set this website up to make the process easier. Searching for caterers is easy – simply enter the location you’re planning your event in into the box at the top of the page (since you’re on the caterers in Newcastle page, this has already been pre filled for you). Once you’ve entered your location, you’ll see a list of all the caterers that we show in that area (again, in this case, you’ll see a pre-filled list of caterers in Newcastle at the top of this page). Each caterer in the list will have a photo, a short description and a quote from a recent customer.

When you’ve spotted a caterer that you like the look of, click or tap on that caterer’s result in the list of caterers in Newcastle, or elsewhere. You’ll then be taken to the unique profile for that catering company. Here, you can view their telephone number, their address, and a full description of their business. You can also read customer reviews and even view samples of their work. If you’re happy with your selection, you can message the caterer through the ‘Message this caterer’ button on their profile, as well as calling them via the telephone number provided.

Note that another feature of the website is that you can search for caterers by name too. So if you think you’ve heard of a few good caterers in Newcastle, then you can try entering their names into the search field, and if you remembered at least part of the name correctly, they should pop up. You could also use this feature to check out reviews and pictures of caterers in Newcastle who might have been recommended to you by friends or family, for example.

We make it easy to get quotes

If even the above searching feature sounds like too much work, then companies catering has another totally free feature that you’re going to love in your search for quality caterers in Newcastle. You can now request a quote - this takes even more of the pain out of looking for caterers, as it lets you simply enter a location and a few basic contact details, before sending your quote request out to not more than three caterers in your area. The caterers who receive your details then have the chance to bid for your business, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the quotes to roll in. No calling or emailing required!

About Newcastle

Newcastle is the seventh most populous urban conurbation in the UK, and a fantastic place to look for catering. Newcastle certainly has a thriving food culture and you’ll have plenty of choice of caterers in Newcastle, whatever form your big day may take.

Situated in the North East of England, Newcastle is an old city with Roman roots. The growth of Newcastle truly began in the middle ages, and the area slowly became renowned as a centre for the wool trade, and then more recently the coal industry. Newcastle was a major site for coal shipments across the UK, which were sourced from the rich coal seams of nearby areas such as Durham.

The industrial revolution further transformed the city, as growth was driven by the engineering and shipbuilding industries. As with many other cities in the UK, it was during this era that Newcastle truly underwent urbanisation as we understand it today, and the city expanded at an astounding rate. Newcastle became a powerhouse of the Victorian era, and was responsible for a great many developments which included electric lighting, trains, and the production of electricity. Alongside many other industrial cities in Britain, when industrial decline finally hit Newcastle it caused a considerable reversal of fortune. any jobs in the former industries, especially in the shipyards and coal pits, were lost. Therefore the city, along with many others in the post-industrial age, has had to transform itself into a more modern knowledge and service based economy.

Newcastle nowadays is a modern city with a thriving nightlife, which is generally rated as amongst the best in the world. The areas around Bigg Market and Collingwood contain a preponderance of bars and clubs, and in the experience of the author, can certainly be described as lively to say the least! The excellent Newcastle University brings many educated students to the city, plenty of whom choose to stay in the city after graduation, and work in fields such as digital technology, retail, finance and so on. Newcastle is also graced by the ever popular Newcastle United football team, based at St James’ Park, who always draw huge crowds and who help to generate interest in the city from across the UK and indeed the world. Notably, the Tyne-Wear derby (also known as the North East derby) is always fiercely contested, as Newcastle United face their close geographic neighbours Sunderland in a keenly fought football match.

Choosing Newcastle for your catering

Newcastle today has become known for a huge diversity of catering establishments which draw from cultures across the world, as well a growth in top chefs and fine dining locations. We are certain that you will find a number of excellent caterers in Newcastle listed on our website, and will be delighted by the modern and varied food offerings available in this dynamic Northern city.