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Companies catering is a new website that helps you to find caterers across the UK, including caterers in Manchester. Indeed, Manchester is one of the most popular cities in which our visitors search for caterers. Whether it's catered events related to the many universities in the city, corporate catering, family events such as weddings and birthdays, or any other event you care to think about, the caterers in Manchester listed on our website will be able to help you on your big day.

How do we help?

Simple. As the UK’s number one search engine for catering companies, we are well poised to assist you in your search for caterers in Manchester. Simply choose a location in the search bar at the top of every page (if you’re looking for caterers in Manchester, then just begin to write ‘Manchester’ in the search bar – the rest of the text will autocomplete as you type it in). You will then be taken to a list of all the caterers in Manchester that are featured on the website. From here, you can see a description of the catering company, their logo, and a testimonial left by one of their customers. Once you have found a business that interests you from this list of caterers in Manchester, simply click or tap on it and you’ll be taken to a page giving you the full details about that caterer. This will include their address, contact details, a full description of them, customer reviews and even a gallery of their work. If you’d like to get in touch with the caterer, then simply click on either of the telephone or ‘message this caterer’ boxes and you’ll be able to contact them directly.

We also offer an even easier way to contact caterers in Manchester, via our new get a quote form. When you choose to get a quote via companies catering, you simply enter the location that you’re interested in (again, we’re going to assume this will be Manchester based on the fact that you’re looking for caterers in Manchester) and fill in a few basic details. Your quote request will then be send out to up to three caterers in that area. They then have the chance to reply to you with an idea of the likely price of your catered event, and whether they are available on the dates you specified. We hope that this free service is useful to both caterers in Manchester and our visitors – if you have any thoughts on this new service then feel free to get in touch here.

About Manchester

Manchester is a large city which lies within the United Kingdom's second most populous area. For a long time Manchester was a tiny township; Manchester's ascent to global renown started during the industrial revolution, and at the time the city experienced growth never before seen in the world. This unplanned industrialisation led to Manchester becoming the first ever industrial city, with an economy dependent largely upon the textiles trade and associated industries. Goods made in Manchester were exported across the world, and the city's trade was strengthened by the strong transport links (rail and canals) that sprung up around it.

The astounding transformation and rapid growth of the city led to many new ideas and ways of doing things, such that Manchester became probably the most dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovate city in the world during its heyday. The popular saying “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow” summed up the attitude of the city at the time. However, such growth and dynamism cannot last forever, and increased competition (which was often built on industrial models and technologies first created by Mancunian entrepreneurs) as well as a general industrial malaise in the UK led to a long decline in Manchester's fortunes.

Manchester today

The city is now experiencing something of a renaissance, as former industrial buildings are torn down and converted, and the city transitions to a more creative, cultural and knowledge driven economy. A lot of this is driven by the great success of the city’s three large universities, which bring skilled and educated people to the Manchester from across the country. These three universities (the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music) also contribute to many the advanced new industries that are establishing a foothold in the city, and perhaps will one day be at the forefront of a new Manchester-led technological revolution that will again sweep the globe.

There are a few interesting facts of note about Manchester’s relatively recent economic revival: for example, women in Manchester generally do better than other women in the UK in terms of equal pay, and the general population of Manchester is slightly more likely to have a degree than the UK average. Moreover, another interesting quirk is that Manchester is also benefitting from a phenomenon known as ‘Northshoring’ (a play on words from ‘offshoring’). This occurs when companies in the hugely expensive South of the UK move jobs north to Manchester, in order to take advantage of the cheaper office space and labour.

Manchester today is nothing if not a city of contrast; it contains both some of the most deprived and some of the most wealthy neighbourhoods in the UK. Manchester suffers from a higher than average unemployment rate, yet is also home to more multi-millionaires than the rest of the country (excluding London). Manchester is also regarded by some studies as Europe’s cheapest city to live in, which certainly contributes to its current growth and the large numbers of young people and businesses moving to the city.

Manchester is also well renowned for its so called ‘Gay village’, which has been a popular area for gay people since at least the 1940’s, and is an important focal point for Manchester’s gay community. The area attracts a huge number of visitors (approximately 20,000 each weekend), and also hosts the ever popular Manchester Pride festival.

Looking at caterers in Manchester

Overall, going back to the objective of this website, the recent revival in Manchester’s fortunes is reflected in the large range of cultures and foods available in the city, which of course bodes well for your catering experience. We wish you the greatest success when searching for caterers in Manchester.