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London is the UK's largest city, and as such, caterers in London are the most searched for of all the caterers on our website. With a huge and diverse range of nationalities living across the capital, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing caterers in London. It is fair to say that if there is a particular dish that you are looking for, from a particular part of the world, then if you cannot source it from a the many caterers in London then you will probably not be able to find it elsewhere in the UK.

Caterers in London will undoubtedly be some of the most specialised and experienced in the UK. If you’re looking at catering for a very large event, or for certain food groups, you’ll be able to find it in your search for caterers in London. They will be able to provide food for weddings, funerals, parties and corporate events, amongst many many others. Caterers in London will also be able to deliver food warm, to deliver food that is to be heated in your kitchen, and to cook in your kitchen or even facilities if you desire. Caterers in London will have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping you with drinks, linen hire and crockery hire too – if you need any assistance then it is wise to get in touch with your caterer. Note that our website lists the telephone number of each caterer on their individual profile, as well as a form that lets you message the caterer easily and securely.

All about London

London is of course an ancient and historic city which has long been one of the key financial, trading, political, artistic, scientific, and technological centres of the world. London was first settled by the Romans in the mid 1st Century, and in those days it was called Londinum. The tiny settlement had, in those days, a fortified garrison on one of its hills, and occupied an area no larger than Hyde Park. From these humble beginnings, the city rapidly expanded to become one of the most significant in the Roman world north of the Alps, and succeeded Colchester as the capital of Britannia, with a population of 60,000 people. By about the 5th Century, however, the city was in ruin and the Romans had largely abandoned it to its fate, primarily as a result of far more pressing threats to the Roman Empire, such as the repeated Barbarian invasions.

The city was effectively abandoned following the Roman departure, and struggled on as an insignificant port and trading post for many hundreds of years. Its fortunes only began to rise in the year 886 following the decrees of the Saxon king Alfred the Great. By about the 11th Century London was once again the largest and most significant city in the country, and the building of Westminster Abby cemented its position as one of the most important cites in Europe. From then on the city grew in leaps and bounds, and this accelerated further following the agricultural and industrial revolution in Britain. London is now regarded as one of three pre-eminent global cities (the other two being New York and Hong Kong), and whatever material you read, will always be considered in the top few global cities in the world.

London today has a population of 8.63 million, which at its highest level since 1939. London divided into 32 Boroughs, which in total make up the large area known as Greater London (the 33rd administrative area is the City Of London, which forms the financial heart of the UK). London is exceptionally dominant within the UK as a whole, some would say to the detriment of other regions of the country, however it is an undisputed fact that many talented people from across the UK and the indeed the world flock to London to make their living.

London is a global and outward facing city, and this is reflected by its vote during the recent Brexit referendum. Whilst a majority of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, London voted by a large majority to remain. Interestingly, this has a led large numbers of Londoners to petition the Mayor of London that the city remain part of the EU, and leave the UK. Many Londoners would see the city as as “world city”, and so ethnically and culturally diverse from the rest of the country that it could become and independent city state.

What this website does

This website lets you search for catering companies across the UK, including, of course, caterers in London. To begin your search, you simply need to enter the location in the search box at the top of the page, and you will be taken to a page showing all the caterers found in that location (for example, at the top of this page you will see all caterers in London) – selecting one from the list takes you to that caterers profile. You can also search by caterer name, if you already know it; you will be instantly taken to that caterers profile if you choose to search this way. Whatever way you reach the profile, this is the main place where you can read more about the caterer, view images of their work, and even see sample menus. Moreover, if you wish to contact the caterer, you can call them using the phone number provided on the page, or message them using the secure online form. Finally, one of the best features of companies catering is the ability to request quotes from caterers within an area. Simply choose your area, and we will automatically send out up to three enquires to caterers in that region, who will come back to you with free quotes so you can get an idea of cost for your caterers even. Why not try it now with caterers in London – it couldn’t be easier!

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Caterers in London are undoubtedly some of the best and most diverse in Europe, and range from very ancient businesses that have existed for hundreds of years, to more modern outfits serving fusion and other new types of cuisine. Take a look at the following Time Out article listing 20 local caterers in London and become inspired – we are certain that if you choose caterers in London you won’t be disappointed.