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Caterers in Liverpool

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Companies Catering is here to help you find caterers in Liverpool. We are a new website that helps you to find catering companies across the UK, including caterers in Liverpool. We found that locating quality caterers had become something of a pain, therefore we created Companies Catering to take the hassle out of finding caterers in Liverpool, and beyond. Whilst we are still the new kids on the block, our aim is nothing less than becoming the number one catering resource in the United Kingdom, and your one stop shop for catering companies, jobs, suppliers and far more.

How do we help you?

Companies Catering is able to help you locate caterers in Liverpool in a number of key ways. The first of these is simply by listing quality caterers in Liverpool via our online directory system. All you need to do is enter the location that you’re searching for into the bar at the top of the page (this has already been filled in with caterers in Liverpool, since we assume that’s where you’re searching). Once you’ve chosen your location, you’ll be presented with a list of all the catering companies that we know of in that area. Each caterer in this list (and as above, your list will be of caterers in Liverpool) will have a logo or picture, a very brief description, and a quote that sums up the business.

Once you’ve seen a business that takes your fancy from this list of caterers in Liverpool, simply click or tap on that business and you’ll be taken to that caterer’s unique profile page. From here, you’ll see far more detail about the business in question. For example, you’ll spot a full gallery of images of that caterer’s work, a long description, contact details and even a sample menu. Getting in touch with one of these caterers in Liverpool (or a caterer from the rest of the UK) is very easy; to bring up that businesses’ telephone number you can just click on the ‘show telephone’ link, and the caterer’s telephone number will pop up (you’ll get a mobile number and a landline number if the caterer has provided both). Moreover, if you fancy sending a message to that catering company, you can click on ‘message this caterer’ and a popup box will appear; in this box you are able to input a few personal details (namely your email address) as well as your message. Once you hit send, your message will automatically be sent to that catering company without needing to open up your email client.

However, if you’d like an even easier way of contacting caterers in Liverpool, then you may want to try our brand new ‘get a quote’ feature. This lets you easily get quotes for your catered event, whether it is wedding catering, birthday catering, funeral catering, or corporate catering. To use this feature, you first enter the location that you’d like to search for catering in, for example caterers in Liverpool. You then enter some basic details about your event, such as the size, the number of guests, the event type and so on. Once you’ve done this, this information will automatically be sent to not more than three caterers who serve that area. These caterers are then invited to reply with guide prices and other information that they feel is relevant to that event. Then, if you’re happy with the sound of one or two of these caterers, you are free to employ them for your event, should you wish to. It is important to emphasise that this service is completely free and you are under no obligation to employ any of the caterers in Liverpool that the service determines might be appropriate.

Why choose Liverpool?

Liverpool, as the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom, is a popular place for people to look for catering companies. The caterers in Liverpool are modern and professional; serving a wide range of contemporary and traditional foods – caterers in Liverpool are sure to make your event special.

Liverpool is a city with a long and proud history, blessed with many successes in the economic, sporting, and cultural fields. For a while merely a small borough, the city's growth exploded during the industrial revolution, producing the modern Liverpool that we see today. Liverpool's industrial strengths relied on its ports, and it achieved a prominent place in global trade; for a while Liverpool was even more crucial to the UK's economy than London. The city was famed for its prowess in shipbuilding – notably, Liverpool was the port of registry of the ill fated but spectacular Titanic.

As a result of its trading prominence, Liverpool has always had a fairly diverse population and has drawn on large number of immigrants, notably Irish immigrants, and this has greatly helped shape the culture of the city. In recent times, Liverpool's economy faltered as the docks and other industries declined, and the city once had the unfortunate award of having the highest unemployment rates in the county. However, in in the last few decades or so the city has undergone something of a renaissance, fuelled by a variety of industries such as tourism and finance. Liverpool is also of course famous for its contribution to the world of music, with the Beatles personifying the 1960's 'Merseybeat' culture. The city was also awarded the famed European Capital of Culture award in 2008, and parts of the city were also deemed World Heritage Sties by UNESCO in 2004.

One of Liverpool’s most popular and well known exports is of course Liverpool Football Club. The club, playing in the English Premier League, is one of the most successful in the history of the game, having won 5 European cups, as well as a great number of domestic trophies. The club has also played host to two major tragedies, in which many supporters from both Liverpool and the teams they were playing on the day lost their lives; those infamous tragedies live on in the cultural memory of the club and the city, and are referred to as the Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985, and the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.

Overall, Liverpool is a dynamic and culturally rich city, and of course caterers in Liverpool share these traits too. We wish you the best of success when searching for caterers in Liverpool, and would advise you to think about contacting some of the caterers above now!