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Caterers in Leeds

Why choose us for caterers in Leeds?

You’ve just arrived at the best place on the internet for caterers in Leeds! Companies Catering is a one stop shop for all UK based catering services, including, of course, caterers in Leeds. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to find catering providers; indeed, Leeds is one of the most popular cities for our visitors to search for caterers in. Caterers in Leeds are professional, diverse and talented, and these combined abilities ensure that they are certain to make a big impact at your catered event, whatever form it may take.

Let us help you find caterers in Leeds

Companies Catering was set up to make finding caterers, including caterers in Leeds, easy. We found that searching for catering companies had become something of a lottery, as you were forced to trawl through out of date search engine listings, the yellow pages and simply asking for help from friends and family in order to get an idea of prices for your catered event. Now, we wouldn’t say there is necessarily anything wrong with any single one of these approaches (and asking for a bit of help from your peers is an especially good idea), however wouldn’t it be easier if everything was in one place? Well, with Companies Catering it is! We contain reviews, pictures, up to date listings and caterers sorted by location – all this makes us something of a one stop shop when it comes to finding catering companies in Leeds, and beyond.

To begin to search for caterers in Leeds, all you need to to do is enter a location in the search bar at the top of the page (because we assume that you’re looking for caterers in Leeds, this has already been filled in for you). Then, when you have chosen the location you’re interested in, you simply hit the search button and you’ll be presented with a list of all the catering companies in that area. In the list of caterers in Leeds, or whichever area you have chosen, you’ll notice that each caterer displays an image or logo, a short description and a recent quote that sums up the business. If you then click or tap on that caterer, you’ll be taken into their unique profile, where you can see far more details about that business. You’ll be able to see a full description, a gallery of their work, a sample menu, and much more.

Of crucial importance, when you’ve found a promising looking businesses from the list of caterers in Leeds, you’ll also see that company’s contact details listed on their profile – this includes their address, telephone number and email address. You can then telephone the business if you wish, or send them a message using our new online messaging service. However, if even this sounds like too much work, then we have a brilliant new feature that might just be of interest to you. Companies Catering now has the UK’s first ‘get a quote’ feature just for catering companies. This lets you input some basic details about your upcoming event (such as the event type and location, the number of guests, the food type that you are looking to serve and so on) before this information is sent off to up to three caterers in that area. Each of these caterers then has the chance to reply to you with an idea of cost – essentially this is a crucial way to get quotes for a catered event so you can gauge prices and availability. We hope this new service makes life easier for you in your search for caterers in Leeds.

A little about Leeds

Leeds is a large city in West Yorkshire. One of the largest urban areas in the United Kingdom by population, Leeds has a dynamic urban economy that is centred around the service sector, specifically financial and legal services, as well as insurance and banking. Indeed, excluding London, Leeds is the largest legal and financial centre in the country. Leeds has a long history, with roots going back to the 5th Century, though in these times the city was a tiny hamlet utterly unrecognisable from the urban area today. The area slowly grew during the middle ages as a regional market town; ultimately, and in line with many other cities in the United Kingdom, growth exploded during the industrial revolution and the city began to lay the roots that we see today.

During the industrial revolution, Leeds was primarily known for wool production, as well as having a degree of prominence in heavy industries such as engineering and iron production. However, approaching the modern era, the dominant fabric industry began its irreversible decline, mainly as a result of cheaper foreign competition. Thus the city went through a period of urban decay and ultimately more a recent rejuvenation, in common with many other post industrial cities across the country.

Nowadays, Leeds enjoys a dynamic and growing economy, much of it a result of the foresight of the prudent city council. The city benefits from strong communications technology and has become a national centre for digital and telephone based businesses, as well as finance and law. Interestingly, Leeds has the highest ratio of private sector to public sector employment of the UK, making it a crucial engine room for the UK economy, and an overall net contributor to the UK’s finances. Leeds also boasts four universities, and thus one of the largest student populations in the country. Again, these universities are important drivers for the knowledge based economy that the city excels in, and often lead to new technologies and other developments reaching the market and being taken up by the private sector. Many students from these universities also remain in Leeds after graduation, further benefitting Leeds’ economy, which always needs educated and skilled young people.

As a prosperous and diverse city, the range of caterers on offer in Leeds ensure that the modern catered event will benefit from a wide variety of delicious food. We hope you have success in your search for caterers in Leeds.