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We’re here to help you find caterers in Glasgow; whether you’re looking to book a caterer now, or you just want to get a quote for your upcoming event, Companies Catering is an invaluable resource when it comes to caterers in Glasgow. Caterers in Glasgow are increasingly popular with our visitors, as Glasgow is becoming renowned for its great food scene – once the butt of many food related jokes, Glasgow has really upped its game and is now one of the best places for eating out in the country. Caterers in Glasgow are modern and reflective of the diversity of the city; it’s fair to say that the caterers in Glasgow will be able to prepare a dish for you from any part of the world, and will have experienced every type of possible event and catering situation.

A bit about Companies Catering

Companies Catering is a new website with it’s sights firmly set on the UK catering industry. This website was created to help people find catering companies across the UK, including, of course, caterers in Glasgow. We found that organising caterers for events in the UK had become a pain, with people being forced to navigate through out of date search engine listings, telephone directories and simply asking venues for advice (not that we would advise against doing that, however we think it’s always better to have more options and not go on just one person’s advice). Therefore, we thought that we planned to set up a website that would make it easy for people to quickly find good quality, peer reviewed caterers in Glasgow (and beyond) online.

We accomplish this in many ways – one of the simplest ways we help people find caterers in Glasgow is by letting our visitors search by location. As you will see at the top of this page, all the caterers in Glasgow listed on this website are shown above, and of course you can simply input another location to load all the results in that part of the country too. What’s more, when you click or tap on one of the results, you will be taken to that caterer’s unique profile. Here you will be able to see a long description of the caterer, contact details (such as a telephone number and address) and reviews of the caterers (please note that this feature will not be available at website launch). You’ll also see a quote that sums the business up, sample menus, and pictures of that caterer’s work. Ultimately, you have all you need to decide whether that caterer is a suitable match for your event.

Another way that we make it easier to find caterers in Glasgow is through our get a quote feature. This is a new way to make it even easier to find caterers in Glasgow, and the rest of the UK too. This allows you to quickly select a location and put in some other basic information like your email address and event details (for example the date and number of people attending). You will then be contacted by up to three catering companies (including caterers in Glasgow if you select that location) who serve that area. They will give you prices and more information about their services, and you can decide if they would be a good fit for your event. So all you have to do it sit back and let Companies Catering do the all the work around gathering quotes and sourcing appropriate caterers for your upcoming event.

Glasgow as a city

As the third largest city in the United Kingdom, we can be confident that the caterers in Glasgow will be able to offer everything the modern catered event could require. Glasgow, although not the capital of Scotland, is Scotland’s largest city and sits in the heart of a densely populated and economically prosperous region. The city has an ancient past, the area it lies in having been populated since prehistoric times. The city's growth really begin with the introduction of the excellent and internationally acclaimed Glasgow University, and the area was one of the key sites of the Scottish Enlightenment. Famed for its strengths in the sciences and industry, the city's growth exploded during the industrial revolution, as it became one of the most important cities in the United Kingdom, manufacturing an exporting a very diverse range of goods. This funded some of the spectacular buildings that the city is rightly famed for.

During the industrial revolution, the city was famed in particular for shipbuilding and marine engineering, and developments in marine technology allowed the United Kingdom to achieve pre-eminence in that age of exploration and colonialism. Indeed, the city was famed as the ‘Second City Of The Empire’ and was one of the first cities in Europe to reach a population of one million people.

Like many other cities in the UK, Glasgow suffered during the prolonged postwar industrial decline that affected the United Kingdom. Efficient, professional and well funded international competitors such as postwar Germany and Japan were able to outcompete the city in most manufacturing and industrial endeavours, and as such Glasgow went into a state of industrial decline which severely affected the economy of the city. Glasgow suffered from at least the 1960’s right through to modern times (and some would say it is still suffering to this day) – however, and again in common with many other UK cities, Glasgow has been able to turn its fortunes around and seek new pastures in which to forge a successful international economy. The city now has a thriving shopping, tourism and services scene, much of which is international in nature. On a more social level, the city is famed for the friendliness and good humour of its inhabitants as well as a fabulous nightlife and music scene.

It is due to this heritage that we can confidently claim that the caterers in Glasgow will more than be able to meet the needs of your event. Let us know your experience of caterers in Glasgow by contacting us or leaving a review for one of these businesses.