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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" -- Virginia Woolf
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Welcome to Companies Catering, you are in the perfect place to find caterers in England. Companies Catering is a newly established website that has been designed to take the hassle out of searching for and comparing caterers in a particular region. It is the first and only UK based website created exclusively for seeking out local catering companies. If you are in need of caterers in England then look no further; our dedicated website enables you to search for specific caterers in England or find someone who tickles your taste buds with their delicious type of cuisine in a certain location. Just type your criteria into the search bar at the top of the page and you will be presented with a list of caterers in England that match your particular requirements. Alternatively, you can fill in our simple form and a number of local catering companies will contact you directly with quotes.

How the website can help with caterers in England

Companies Catering lists caterers in England that specialise in all forms of catering, not just wedding catering (although it is the most requested form of catering that comes to us). You can narrow down your search by comparing reviews of caterers that take your fancy; so no matter what type of event you are organising, be it corporate entertaining, a party or even a funeral, we will help you find the perfect caterer in England.

History of English Cuisine

English cuisine has been much maligned over the years, but this bad mouthing is not deserved in the slightest. “Unfussy dishes made with quality local ingredients, matched with simple sauces to accentuate flavour, rather than disguise it” sums it up beautifully. Each region of England has their distinctive cooking styles, traditions and recipes historically based on what was seasonally available at the time; traditional English food has a delicious history. Caterers in England take pride in their regional specialities, using recipes passed down through the years using only the very best ingredients. Everyday English cooking has adapted and changed over the years, embracing the ideas and ingredients that were brought over from China, America and India during the time of the British Empire, but more recently as a result of post-war immigration.

The humble Bangers and Mash might sound uninspiring, but this most national of dishes - sausages nestled on a bed of mashed potato, surrounded by a lake of onion gravy has in fact been around since the Romans lived in Britain. A Beef Cobbler (a warming stew type dish with scone-like dumplings) may sound very provincial, but it was actually brought over from the Americas in the 18th century (it can also be made as a sweet dish, similar to an apple crumble). A Beef Wellington has been the staple of any good dinner party since the 1970s and though one might think that it would be traced back to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, that isn’t the case - it is thought to have been created for a civic reception in Wellington, New Zealand and made famous in the 1930’s in a New York food guide.

Local Specialities

Each region of England has their own peculiar special dish, the one that is synonymous with that area, using Companies Catering you can find caterers in England that incorporate this dish in some form or another on their menu.

  • Cornwall has the distinctive D-shaped cornish pasty, a succulent pastry filled with chunky beef, swede, potato and onion with a light salt and pepper seasoning slow-baked and golden brown in colour.

  • Stilton is honoured with a certification trademark and Protected Designation of Origin status, meaning it can only be made in the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire to a specified recipe. The milk must come from the three counties and must be pasteurised before use.

  • London has jellied eels: once a staple food of East and South London's working class when eels were the only fish tough enough to survive in the polluted River Thames, jellied eels can still be found in London if you know where to look. The fish boiled in gelatine is definitely a dish for the brave due to its jellied texture.

  • Yorkshire has its famous pudding, served either on its own as a starter or accompanied by a slab of beef (nobody knows for sure which is the correct way).

  • Colchester in Essex has oysters. Did you know that Colchester Natives are considered some of the best oysters in the world? The tangy molluscs found off the Essex coast were first popularised by the Romans and are flatter, creamier, sweeter and more delicate than more common varieties.

  • Derbyshire has the Bakewell tart, a traditional tart with a shortcrust pastry case, layered with jam and a syrup, egg and ground almond filling.

  • Lancashire has the Lancashire hotpot, originally a staple working class dish, the best modern hotpot is found at one of Lancashire's most expensive restaurants: Michelin-starred Northcote Manor.

  • Food doesn't get much more regional than pease pudding in Northumberland, made by simmering a muslin bag of split peas in a stockpot of ham and vegetables, until the peas are soft enough to be blended into a paste.

  • Devon’s cream tea, although this delicacy can be found through the country, it is in fact the West Country where this traditional summer treat originated. Just remember that in Devon they put the cream on the scone first, then the jam. In Cornwall, tradition dictates butter first, jam, then cream.

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There are so many more regional cuisines and curious dishes waiting to be explored, maybe the caterer in England that you choose will have their own take on one of these wonderful, heritage foods or maybe they will have their own cuisine altogether. Whatever you end up with, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are selecting a caterer in England who has been used and reviewed before and who will provide you with a spread that will be entirely fit for purpose.