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Caterers in Edinburgh

How do we help you find caterers in Edinburgh?

Companies Catering is here to help you find caterers in Edinburgh. We are a growing website that lets you search for catering companies in the UK, including, of course, caterers in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a popular and growing market for catering companies, and the large numbers of talented caterers in Edinburgh, combined with the diversity of foods available, make this a very promising city in which to organise a catered event. Whether it’s party catering, birthday catering, wedding catering, funeral catering or another type of catering that you're after, you’ll find that the caterers in Edinburgh rise to the challenge and are able to deliver the proverbial (and literal!) icing on the cake for your event.

A bit more about us

Companies Catering are experts when it comes to finding caterers in Edinburgh. We are the UK’s only dedicated search engine and directory for catering companies, and as such we make finding caterers in Edinburgh incredibly easy. Our website was set up because we were tired of the challenge of finding caterers in the UK for events. Finding caterers was usually an exhausting exercise that involved some combination of Google, the Yellow Pages, and if you were lucky, a friend or family recommendation or two. When you had located a promising looking caterer online, you had to call them or hunt down their email address, all the while hoping they were still in business, could be trusted to deliver on the day of your event, and that their online information was up to date and correct. To this end, we launched Companies Catering, with the aim of making it easy to find caterers across the UK, and of course caterers in Edinburgh.

To begin your search, simply enter the location that you’d like to search in into the search box at the top of the page. Since we assume that you’re looking for caterers in Edinburgh, this has already been pre-filled for you. You will then be given a list of all the caterers that can be found in that area. The caterers that are shown in this list will all have a logo, a short description and a quote that sums up the business. Once one of these caterers in Edinburgh takes your fancy, you can click or tap on the link and you’ll be taken straight to that caterer’s profile.

When you reach the unique profile page for each caterer, you’ll see a full description of the business, photos of their work, sample menus and even customer reviews. You’ll also see an up to date telephone number, and a form which allows you to message them easily if you think you’d be interested in them catering at your event.

However, if even this is too difficult, or you’d just like get a rough idea of prices for your catered event in Edinburgh, then you can use our new get a quote facility. This allows you to simply and easily request quotes from up to three caterers in the area. For example, if you were looking for quotes from caterers in Edinburgh, you’d just need to input a few basic details such as the event date, the number of attendees, and your email address. You can then sit back and wait as up to three caterers in Edinburgh reply with prices and more information about catering at your event. We hope that this new and free service will prove popular with our visitors, and will make the process of finding caterers in Edinburgh, and indeed across the UK, even less trouble.

A little about Edinburgh

Edinburgh is, of course, the capital of Scotland and the home of the Scottish government. The city is internationally famed for its beauty and views – Edinburgh is a UNESCO world heritage site and contains many buildings and vistas of spectacular beauty. Edinburgh is also renowned for the Edinburgh Festival which includes the now world famous Fringe Festival – the comedy, music, food and performances available during this month long celebration of the arts are, in this author’s view, unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

Edinburgh, although the capital of Scotland, is the country’s second largest city by population, being eclipsed by Glasgow. The city is the seventh largest in the UK, with a population of approximately 460,000 people. Edinburgh is well served by a grand total of four universities, and the prestigious University of Edinburgh (in particular) is internationally renowned as one of the best universities in the world. These universities are crucial to the economy of the city, and help ensure that the city attracts and retains a well educated and skilled workforce.

Edinburgh is a very wealthy city, with a prominent history in finance and science. Many of the most successful banks in the United Kingdom originated in Edinburgh, and the city's astounding contribution to the sciences and medicine cannot be overlooked. Edinburgh's modern economy is still reliant on the banking industry, however there has been a sharp growth in the digital industries (especially computer game development) as well as a the tourist industry. Edinburgh is a hugely popular city for international tourists, and a wonderful place to begin to explore the highlands and islands of Scotland. The city is well served by a sophisticated hotel network, catering to all tastes – you can stay in high end hotels right in the city centre, right through to cheap backpacker youth hostels. Indeed, Edinburgh is now the United Kingdom’s second most popular tourist destination after London, and the city receives over one million overseas visitors a year.

As a city of spectacular beauty, there are a number of views that are unrivalled. A walk up Arthur's Seat is a must; after a fairly steep walk one is rewarded with a beautiful view over the city. Similarly, Carlton Hill in the evening treats the viewer to a stunning sunset, and is stunningly attractive in its own right with its Grecian-style temples, towers and open spaces.


Overall, we are certain that you will find enough caterers in Edinburgh to satisfy your every need. To search for catering a specific part of Edinburgh, simply type in the part of the city you are interested in and you will see all the caterers in Edinburgh that serve that location appear. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming catered event!