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If you’re looking to find caterers in Bristol, you’ve come to the right place. Companies Catering is a new website that has been set up to help you find caterers in Bristol, and in many other locations across the country.

Bristol is quickly getting a reputation as one of the best places to eat out in the UK, so you can be sure that when you look for caterers in Bristol you will be spoilt for choice. Bristol's quirky nature ensures that you should be able to find caterers who supply alternative and interesting dishes, meaning that your guests are likely to try something they have never tasted before. Here at Companies Catering we think that unexpected yet delicious food makes for one of the best features of a novel catered event; caterers in Bristol, therefore, are sure not to disappoint.

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Companies Catering makes it very easy to search for caterers in Bristol. You will see a list of caterers in Bristol above; note that you are able to click on each of these caterers to view read more about that business. When you do this, you will be taken to that individual caterer’s profile, where you can read reviews, find contact details, see pictures and even peruse a sample menu. Moreover, if you don’t fancy contacting caterers in Bristol yourself, we have a new form that you can fill in that lets the caterers do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our get a quote form lets you input some basic contact details, then sit back as up to three caterers in the area get in touch with quotes. This is a fabulous way of getting an idea of price for a catered event, and can really take the pressure off you if you are struggling to sort the catering for your wedding, for example.

A little about Bristol

Bristol is the UK's eighth largest city, and the sixth largest in England, with a population of approximately 450,000 people. The city is very modern and outward facing, with a humorous and irreverent culture, a great food scene (reflected by the quality caterers in Bristol), and world famous street art amongst many other attractions. The city benefits from the large numbers of educated young people moving to the city, who bring their own culture and contribute to the many successful businesses that make up the city. Bristol has been voted one of the most liveable cities in the UK, and has also recently been awarded the 2015 European Green Capital Award. Bristol was also recently voted as a top ten world city, as well as the best city to live in in the UK.

Bristol has a long history, with records of Neanderthals living in the Bristol area up to 300,000 years ago. Bristol was also settled by the Romans, although not on a great scale, as evidenced by the small numbers of scattered Roman villas throughout the city and surrounding countryside. Bristol’s modern history really began around the year 1000 AD, from which point in time the city expanded as a global trading port. One of Bristol’s strengths has always been its pioneering and successful merchant class, who have helped to fund expeditions, military operations and trade missions across the world. By the 14th century Bristol was one of the largest four cities in the UK, although the growth of the city was kept in check by the Black Death during the middle ages.

Bristol’s port has long been the engine of the city’s economy, and John Cabot became the first European since the Vikings to reach mainland North America. With the rise in English colonies in North America, Bristol’s location in the West of England, and her large port, became of crucial importance to early transatlantic trade. The city generated much of its wealth through the slave trade, and was instrumental in exporting large numbers of Africans to the Caribbean and America, often in unimaginably brutal conditions.

During the 19th Century, the city became associated with the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who developed a number of crucial inventions that helped to usher in the modern age, such as steamships. However, and despite these great achievements, the city failed to keep pace with the northern powerhouses of cities like Manchester and Liverpool, and entered a period of slow decline, at least from the perspective of industry. This was not helped by Bristol’s port, which was no longer suitable in the modern age, as ships became larger and larger.

In the 20th Century the city continued its growth, reaching a population of 420,000 people. Because of the important manufacturing sites located in the city, many of which were involved in the production of aircraft, tanks and munitions, Bristol was very heavily bombed during the second world war, and sadly the beautiful and irreplaceable Bristol castle was utterly destroyed, along with a great many houses (not to forget the large numbers of civilians who also lost their lives in these attacks). After the war, much of the city was rebuilt in a modernist style, with varying degrees of success, and now the city supports a vibrant and eclectic range of architecture, much of it festooned with beautiful and creative street art.

Bristol today

The city's modern economy is linked to the creative and technical industries, and, able to boast two highly ranked universities (Bristol University and the University of the West of England), Bristol can truly claim to be part of the so called 'knowledge economy' of the UK. With a large number of well educated graduates choosing to stay in the city after university, Bristol is able to draw upon a high level of technical skills, meaning that it performs very well in the scientific and engineering fields. With it's creative industries, vibrant culture and solid manufacturing base, Bristol has an extremely bright future. It’s this creative nature and energy that make caterers in Bristol so unique and successful.

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Overall, we believe this rich history and vibrant nature is reflected by the caterers in Bristol. We hope you enjoy searching and comparing caterers in Bristol, and wish you the best of luck with your event, whatever it may be.