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Caterers in Belfast

Belfast Caterers

Belfast is a very popular place for our visitors to search for catering companies. Belfast caterers are exceptionally professional and able to serve a wide range of delicious food that is suitable for all types of catered events. To view some of the individual profiles of our Belfast caterers, simply select one of the caterers above and you will be taken to a page detailing more about each Belfast caterer. Here you can see examples of their work, their contact details and a facility for requesting quotes.

Belfast is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, and has a very varied and interesting history. Originally settled by Protestant immigrants from Scotland and England, the city grew rapidly during the industrial revolution until Belfast became the main centre for industrial production in Ireland. The city excelled in a diversity of of industries, particularly shipbuilding, and the famous Harland and Wolff shipyards became the largest in the world. Belfast eventually became the capital of Northern Ireland after the partition of Ireland.

In more recent times, Belfast was blighted by the Troubles, as it became one of the main battlegrounds between Republicans and Unionists. Campaigns of bombings, random and targeted assassinations and riots were a common occurrence, and many lost their lives in the city on account of actions from both sides. Thankfully, however, the city has recently staged something of a recovery and is now free from much of the political violence that once blighted it. This period of calm has led to greater investment and considerable economic success; it has been claimed that Belfast grew faster than any of the UK's other large cites over the last decade. Belfast is also becoming a popular tourist destination, and scores very highly for educational attainment and employment figures.

We wish you the greatest success when searching for Belfast caterers, and are confident that they will provide superb food and service at your catered event.