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Funeral Catering

Companies Catering and funeral catering

Companies Catering was set up to take the pressure out of finding suitable and approved caterers who are capable of providing excellent funeral catering. When trying to organise an event ourselves, we quickly realised the difficulties with trying to find a decent funeral caterer when we had never had to use one before. We only list caterers who have been positively peer-reviewed, so you know that your caterer will not only deliver the best service, but that the funeral catering you require will be provided with the utmost dignity and respect.

There is nothing more upsetting than organising a funeral of a loved one, and funeral catering just adds to the work and stress involved. It is overwhelming and you are bound to get upset and forget to do things, but don’t panic. You are not alone and there is always help available.

Organising funeral catering.

With the focus of funerals changing over the years from mourning the deceased’s passing to celebrating their life, so too has the funeral reception moved on, and thus funeral catering. No longer are we (always) expected to sombrely stand round and mourn the loss of our dearly departed loved ones, it is actively encouraged to share stories, to remember them in a positive way, to realise the impact they had on our lives. And so funerals are becoming increasingly unique affairs, designed with the deceased in mind: held in their favourite venue, with their favourite tipple on tap and their favourite food being served to guests. You have three options when it comes to funeral catering: do it yourself, get a funeral catering company to do it and bring it to the venue, or hold the funeral reception in a venue which also provides food and drink i.e. a pub, hotel or restaurant.

Types of funeral catering

The type of funeral catering you will want will be largely determined by the type of funeral you are organising. Like the actual funeral itself, the funeral reception can be a traditional affair, or it can be a unique send off. Think about serving your loved one’s favourite food or drink - maybe they loved French food, pizza or sausage and chips. Maybe they loved a type of food traditional to the county, region or country that they came from. Don’t feel pressured to organise something you don’t feel comfortable with, at the end of the day you are saying goodbye to your loved one, so it’s what they would have wanted.

Bear in mind that you have so many choices when it comes to funeral catering; most typically people opt for a buffet style menu and guests help themselves as and when they feel like it - this takes any pressure off you to ‘host’. You could always consider canapés and have waiting staff pass them around, again relieving you of any pressure to ‘host’. If space and your budget allows (and you feel up to it) why not choose a more formal sit down meal? The choice of funeral catering is ultimately yours, and we have a plenty of funeral catering companies on our website who will provide what you require.

Organisation checklist:

  • 1. Pick a date and tell people as soon as possible, particularly those who are coming from further afield. How you tell people is up to you, but do let them know.

  • 2. Order flowers and wreaths. Confirm with your funeral provider if they organise flowers on your behalf, if not ask them for recommendations of companies they have worked with before. Flowers really brighten the mood and if they are you favourites they will bring some comfort.

  • 3. Choose the order of service. Confirm with your funeral provider that they will create an order of service for you. Pick hymns, songs, readings anything that you think would work well, there is no ‘set’ order of service, each funeral can be as unique as the deceased person.

  • 4. Arrange funeral catering. Funerals are so much more than simply grieving, they are about celebrating the life of the deceased person and remembering the good times. The food you provide at the funeral reception shouldn’t add to your stress, consider using the services of a funeral catering company to take some of the burden off you.

Venue, budget and funeral catering.

The type of funeral catering you can have will in part depend largely on the venue that you choose to host the funeral reception. If you decide to have it in the deceased’s favourite pub, you might be able to bring in your own funeral catering, but if you decide to hold it in a hotel or a restaurant, to accommodate more people, you might be beholden to using the funeral catering services they offer. If you feel up to it, you could always host the reception in the deceased’s home, that would really be a very personal send off and give you total control of the funeral catering.

The budget you have will also play a factor in what type of venue and funeral catering you settle on. You will want to know (as will the funeral catering company) how many people you expect to turn up (another reason to let people know about the funeral ASAP, so you can gauge attendance numbers). You don’t have to invite all and sundry if you don’t want to. People respect that sometimes it’s just going to be close family and friends at the funeral reception. Just be very clear when you are inviting people to the funeral that there will be a reception afterwards as most will want to know the day’s order of events so they can plan accommodation, transport etc accordingly.

Points to remember.

  • You will have so much to think about in the days leading up to and after the funeral, you can rely on Companies Catering to take the hassle out of finding you a suitable caterer to provide funeral catering.

  • Remember to invite people to the funeral reception, even though they are attending the funeral, they will not automatically expect to come back for a reception.

  • At the reception, as long as the basics (such as funeral catering) are taken care of, people will entertain themselves, there is no pressure on you to ‘host’.