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Birthday catering

Let us help you find the perfect birthday catering

Birthday catering, much like birthdays themselves, always seem to catch us off guard even though they both come round once every year, on exactly the same date, would you believe! If you are hosting a party to celebrate yours or a loved one’s birthday then you are going to require birthday catering, because every party needs at the very least a fantastic cake. Companies Catering was established to help you work your way through the myriad of unknown caterers and the minefield that is birthday catering, allowing you to get on with more pressing issues, like finding the perfect birthday present! So whether you require birthday catering for a young child, a 21st, the 40th milestone or the centenary year – we have you covered. All of the caterers here on Companies Catering have been peer-reviewed and guarantee to be able to meet and exceed your birthday catering requirements, whatever they may be.

How to throw the best birthday party

Whomever the birthday guy or gal is, you are going to want to consider a few factors before deciding on anything.

  • When and where

  • Who is coming

  • The theme (if there is one)

  • Birthday catering

Location, location, location

You can have a birthday bash just about anywhere, though there are a few things to bear in mind if you are going to host the event at your home:

  • How many people can you realistically fit into your designated space?

  • If you have a garden and are planning an outdoor party, what happens if the weather turns against you?

  • How big is your fridge? Can you keep all the birthday catering chilled? How big is your oven? Will it be enough to heat up all the food that needs cooking?

  • What about kitchen surface space? Preparing appetisers calls for more work surface than you think necessary, can you utilise a folding table? Caterers doing the birthday catering will more than likely come with the majority of food prepared, but they are still going to require an assembly area.

If you plan on hosting at a venue:

  • Are they free on that date?

  • When will they let you in to set up?

  • Will they allow you to bring in your own caterer to do the birthday catering, or do you have to use their dedicated kitchen and birthday catering team?

  • If you are throwing a child a party and you don’t have enough space why not go with a hybrid of home and outdoor space and have it in a local park, or free outdoor play area (just check with the local authorities if you are planning on having hot food).


Firstly, set a date. Then decide on the guest list (this will largely be determined by the type of party you are throwing and the size of your venue). But rest assured, everyone is going to want to know when it is and where it is, especially the caterer providing the birthday catering. Next invite people, regardless of numbers, and send out the invitations well ahead of time. If you are organising a child’s party you may want to consider how to send the invitations out without causing any offence (assuming you aren’t inviting all the class mates, if you are then you should probably check with the child’s teacher as to when the best time is to hand out the invitations, as you don’t want to upset their routine).


You may think you’re too old for a theme party, but fear not, no one is too old to get dressed up. Plus it allows you to go to town and celebrate the uniqueness of the birthday person. Consider tying in the birthday catering with the chosen theme and you will be onto a winner. If their favourite country is France, have the birthday catering be all French food, similarly Italy and pizza or pasta. Or if you opt for a pirate theme you can have seafood; the world is quite literally your oyster. Word of advice for events that require birthday catering for children: if the birthday child knows about the party they will likely have ideas and want to help, so why not let them select the theme and you can tie in the birthday catering with whatever they choose.

Why should I hire a caterer for birthday catering?

No birthday party is complete without some form of birthday catering, and the choices you have are limitless (as long as you are planning this far enough in advance). You may be thinking about doing all the birthday catering and serving of the food yourself but why open yourself up to unnecessary stress and worry? Regardless of whether you are hosting an adult’s party or children’s party, you will want the day to be memorable and enjoyable for you too, not just your guests. Do you really want to spend the week before the party elbow deep in canapés, wondering if you have enough sandwiches or nibbles? If it’s a children’s party, well, gone are the days when a sandwich, bowl of jelly and a game of pass-the-parcel are enough, the advent of social media has really upped the ante. So why should you hire a catering company to provide the birthday catering?

  • Birthday catering companies aren’t expensive. In fact by using a birthday catering company you typically get better value for money than if you were to buy the same ingredients and create the same food yourself, at home.

  • A birthday catering company will save you time. Ultimately, you are paying not just for the food, but for the extra free time you will have by not doing it yourself.

  • You can enjoy the party. No more being in the kitchen, juggling your roles of cook, waiter and host. Hiring a birthday catering company takes all the stress out of hosting.

  • No more second-guessing food quantities. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with a lot of leftovers, or worse, running out of food. The birthday catering company will know from experience how to plan for groups of all ages, sizes and appetites.

Companies Catering

Of course your choice of birthday catering company has to be a wise one, which is where Companies Catering comes in. With us you will find a birthday catering company that not only provides you with delicious, affordable food, but you can rest assured that that they have provided it (and an excellent service to boot) to other satisfied customers before you.