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Companies Catering is the best way to search for local catering companies. We list caterers by location, meaning you can enter your location and you will see every caterer in that area. What's more, we will very soon be adding a feature that also lets you search by postcode, which should make your search even easier.

Why local catering companies?

We always think it is a great idea to shop local and support your local traders, and of course this extends to local catering companies too. Moreover, if you choose local caterers then there is a good chance that the food you get to enjoy will be more fresh – both because it has less time to travel to you, but also because the ingredients will hopefully be local and thus should be fresher too. In addition, you may get to experience unique local recipes that you and your guests would never have tried if you had not picked a local caterer. The great thing about companies catering is that we list all caterers by location, so even if you are having your event in a place that you are not too familiar with, so long as you enter that particular place on our search form you will see all the caterers who service that area, ensuring they are as local as possible.

How do I find local catering companies?

That's simple – just search for your location. This will bring up a list of all caterers in that area. You can also search by name if you know the name of the caterer you'd like to look for. When you have found a caterer you are interested in, simply click on their name to be taken through to their unique profile. Each caterer's unique profile contains lots of important information about them, such as the foods they specialise in, testimonials from previous customers, extra services they can assist with, and a description of the business. Moreover, they may have also chosen to add a gallery of their work, which is a great way to see what you can expect from in terms of food quality and presentation. Finally, there will soon be an option to review these local catering companies, so you can view past customer reviews and leave feedback yourself.

We have just completed a new feature that lets you automatically request quotes from local catering companies. Getting an idea of the price for local catering companies is as simple as inputting the location you are interested in, filling in a few details and then hitting send! Take the strain out of searching and let the caterers come to you. Click here to begin.

I am a local catering company!

Great! We're now looking for more caterers to sign up to the site. Signing up is completely free, and couldn't be any easier. If you sign up you will receive a free profile, and customers will be able to contract you for catering quotes. All you need to do is visit our sign up page and input some simple details – remember, the more you write the more chance you will be found. We would also advise adding as many pictures and sample recipes as possible, to help you stand out further from other local caterers.