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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" -- Virginia Woolf
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Welcome to Companies Catering, the free site for finding catering companies in the UK. We are the home of catering companies; we enable you to make a more informed choice for your catered event. You can read reviews, search for caterers by location and request quotes for your event. To begin, search for caterers or places at the top of the page, or simply request some free catering quotes. When you request quotes, up to three local catering companies will call or email you with quotes for your catered event - this is a completely free service that speeds up getting an idea of prices (for example wedding catering prices) and food types for your event.

UK Caterers

Companies Catering lets you find caterers across the UK. You can search for caterers in London, caterers in Bristol, caterers in Manchester, caterers in Edinburgh, caterers in Glasgow, caterers in Leeds, caterers in Sheffield and many other places in the UK. Simply enter the city, town or region in the search box above and let our ever growing database of UK catering companies do the rest.

About Companies Catering

Companies Catering makes it easy to search for local catering firms; you can choose different types of catering company by location, name and food type and also read reviews of companies you are interested in. This site was established because we felt that there was a clear need for an online catering service; previously, people who required wedding catering, corporate catering, funeral catering or birthday catering, for example, had little to go on when choosing a caterer and were forced to rely on the yellow pages or simply hoping to stumble onto an appropriate website. Moreover, there was no way to get catering quotes or to read reviews of caterers online. Now, with reviews and tips on finding caterers, as well as information about planning a catered event, it has never been easier to find the perfect catering company, whatever type of event you are after.

When you view an individual catering company's profile, you will be presented with a lot of useful information about that business. You can view pictures of their work, the locations they serve and extra services that they offer (for example, helping you with cutlery hire, wedding DJ’s, wait staff and so on). You will also soon be able to read reviews of that caterer, and using our platform it is easy to call the caterer and to send them a message or enquiry. To start viewing catering companies, all you need to do is enter some search terms in the search box above - you can enter either the caterer name that you’re interested in, or a place in the UK that you’d like to search in. Once you’ve done this, a list of catering companies who serve that part of the country will be shown. By clicking on any of these businesses, you’ll be taken to the individual page for that catering company, which shows detailed information about that business, contact details, reviews and so on.

New features

We have plans for a number of very exciting new features that we hope to implement soon, one of the first being affiliate listings! Perhaps you are a food or catering blog, or another type of website that gets a lot of visits from people interested in catering companies? We plan to create a small snippet of code that you can add to your website, that will allow your customers to request catering quotes. The search and quote system will be run by ourselves, using our data. When we eventually move to charging for quotes, you will receive a share of the profits as an affiliate. Sound good? Get in touch with any thoughts! Contact us here.

We will also plan to have a unique forum that allows users to discuss their experiences of catering, as well as sharing tips on how to find the perfect catering company for any event. Moreover, we plan to add a job board to the website as well, so you will also be able to search for your perfect catering job whilst browsing the site. There are plenty more plans for other features to be added to the site too; as mentioned, we aim to be nothing less than the online hub for UK catering services. Please note, because we are very new and still building the site, you may encounter a number of features that have not yet been built. However, we see this a something of an opportunity, in that we are able to listen to customer feedback and add features as they are required. So if you have a useful suggestion or feature that you think the site would benefit from, we'd love to hear it! You can get in touch with the team behind Companies Catering easily - just follow the 'contact us' link in the navigation bar or click here.

I have a wedding coming up!

Wedding catering is obviously one of the most important and frequent events for which catering is required. It’s also one of the most stressful situations you'll experience; let Companies Catering help you by introducing you to our section on wedding catering. We also have a new guide which helps you to choose the perfect wedding menu. And why not read about wedding catering prices - what you can expect to pay, ways to save money and the experiences of the author as she planned a recent, successful wedding.

Interested in joining the website?

Perhaps you have a business that you would like to feature on this website? Listing businesses is completely free, and gives you increased exposure to the many people in the UK who search our website for catering companies. Listing your business with Companies Catering couldn't be any easier, and when you sign up, you'll get a free profile on the website, and the chance to showcase some of your work. You can choose whether you allow people to review your business on the site or not, and also whether you'd like to receive online enquiries from potential customers.

We would recommend that you do choose to receive free online enquiries from customers, as this results in very well qualified leads from people interested in catering companies providing food for events. Similar bids will also be sent to only a few of your fellow catering companies, so you can be sure that you have a fair chance of winning the bid and receiving business. In the future, it is likely that we will charge for these leads, but for now they are free and we will of course warn you before we move to charging. You will also be able to turn leads off and on – so when things are quiet you can activate the leads, and when you are already booked up you can simply turn them off to save money.

Moreover, when you sign up, you'll get a free profile on the website, and the chance to showcase some of your work. You can also choose whether you allow people to review your business on the site or not. Please note that currently we do not allow you to log in and change your profile, so once you have created it, it is final. However, this is also something that we will work on in the not too distant future, and you will soon be able to visit the site and update all your company information. This is important if, for example, your address has changed, you begin to serve other locations, or you want to add more information to your profile. For the time being, if you want to change any information about your business on the site, it is best to just pop us a message and we will make a quick change to your profile online.